Delivery & Refund Policy:

Our delivery Driver’s will attempt to deliver twice, after second attempt Customer or Recipient will be contacted to arrange a pick up time. Refunds will be performed if for some reason driver was unable to deliver due to mechanical problems, weather conditions or high volume of delivery’s, or couldn’t deliver between a reasonable time. We will be delivering between the hours of 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, we will deliver until 9:00 pm on holiday’s. (Mother’s Day & Valentine’s Day) We do not guarantee delivery times during holidays, on Mother’s day we will be only be making one delivery attempt, if not successful we will delivery the next business day. Refunds will be granted before arrangement’s are sent out on delivery. We guarantee our product to be Fresh. Any questions feel free to contact Management. Thank you for allowing us to serve you & your loved ones.

The Management Team.

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